Parallel Session

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

15.30 – 17.00

Effective S&T Communication Strategy In Multicultural Society

Room:  Komisi Utama, 3rd fl. BPPT Building II

Chair: Ms. Mariam Barata 

Blending of Art, Science and Technology

Room:  Komisi I, 3rd fl. BPPT Building II

Chair: Dr. Pedro S. Escobedo 

  1. Junping Hu (CHN), Science Popularization Activities towards the Public at Chinese University

  2. Punit Kumar (IND), Perspective Study of ‘Social Forestry’ in India

  3. Monika Raharti (INA), Science Education Through Scientific Activities

  4. Guo Xiaoyan (CHN), How the Science & Technology Culture to Create Green Quality of Life?

  5. Hendra Suryanto (INA), Science and Technology Communication in PPIPTEK Context

  6. Bonaria Siahaan (INA), Demonstration as an effective means of Communication

  7. Nimi Soraya Hillmee (MAL), Impactful  Science Communication Through Science Shows

  1. Hui Jun Zhang (CHN), Evaluative Thinking in the Building of Learning Society

  2. César Carrillo Trueba (MEX), Combining knowledges in search of alternatives for sustainable development: the role of science communication

  3. LI Hong-lin (CHN), On a multi-science culture in the construction of scientific literacy in developing countries

  4. Hanan Mohamed Abdel Karim Abbas (SUD), Bridging the Gap – The Case of Sudan

  5. Ramlee Mustapha, (MAL), Awareness of Green Technology Among University Students in Malaysia

  6. He Li (CHN), Research on training mechanism of Science popularization professionals in mainland China

  7. Archita Bhatta (IND), Climate Change communication: flood of stories but drought of impact

  8. Li Junping (CHN), To Make a Study of Science Popularization Modes Conducted by Chinese Academy of Sciences

Outside the Box of Media for Science & Technology Communication

Room:  Komisi II, 3rd fl. BPPT Building II

Chair:Ms. Jenni Metcalfe

  1. Duncan Dallas (UK), Café Communication Outside the Box

  2. Himansu Sekhar Fatesingh (IND), Role of Newspaper in Communicating on Climate Change

  3. Wang Dapeng (CHN), Science Media Center and the Foster of Social Capital

  4. Ihsan Surur (PPIPTEK), Mobile Interactive Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Exhibitions and Programs

  5. Yinlin (CHN), Popular Science Publishing under the Reading Crisis

  6. Jalin Merapi (INA), Community based Information Network for Disaster Risk Reduction

  7. Michelle Kovacevic (CIFOR), Maximizing stakeholder engagement to facilitate forestry research uptake in Indonesia